Students Present at National Botany Conference

Straub_Lab_Mayo_Civic_CenterThis summer, HWS biology faculty and students presented the results of their summer science research at the national Botany 2018 conference in Rochester, Minn. With Assistant Professor of Biology Shannon…
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Land Use History and Wildlife

Cosentino and BrubakerAn article by Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Kristen Brubaker and Associate Professor of Biology Bradley Cosentino offers insights that may help habitat managers shape biodiversity in tracts of forested…
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Aquatic Biology on the William Scandling

Scandling with Megan Brown1Aboard the William Scandling, the Colleges’ 65-research vessel that gives students the opportunity to use Seneca Lake as their laboratory, students are studying the aquatic characteristics of the deepest of…
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Randall ’19 Explores the Bio-Defense Mechanisms of Apples

Randall Alvin 2In a single growing season, fire blight can decimate an entire crop of apples, pears and other members of the plant family Rosaceae, posing serious problems in apple-producing regions like the…
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Cosentino Leads HWS Vernal Pool Mapping Project

Cosentino Brad-0107This summer, HWS and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (EFS) are collaborating on a project to map vernal or woodland pools, which are temporary pools of water that provide habitat…
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