Additional reflections and reactions to the Sunday Dialog, sponsored by the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the HWS Athletics DEI Sustained Dialog Team.

Cameron Kewley '24
“I thought last night’s discussion was vital in helping to understand the context and history around the Israel/Palestine conflict. This then allowed us to open up a constructive and meaningful dialogue to help our community understand the issues at risk and how we should think about them moving forward.”

Nolan Firth '25
“Before the discussion, I felt uninformed on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I went in with an open mind, although I had some thoughts beforehand about where I stand regarding this issue. After hearing the panel speak, I was able to critically think about what I heard and what I thought. The panel provided great insight into why the conflict has arisen, and why it’s such an important event to understand.

Braeden Wimer '25
“The state of Israel will never be the same politically or religiously even after these issues are settled. No matter how significant the conflicts between Israel and Palestine have been for thousands of years, nothing justifies the mass attacks on innocent lives.”

Will Corbett '25
“Last night was an extremely rewarding experience. Going into the seminar I was not very well versed with the issues surrounding Palestine and Israel, but I left with a newfound understanding of the subject. The issues going on between Israel and Palestine go further than the media often portrays, but regardless of any historical context the attacks that happened on October 7th and the loss of civilian life can only be condemned.”