HWS Ombudspeople

The role of ombudsperson is that of informal mediator, and the primary service provided by an ombudsperson is to promote the resolution of complaints by facilitating communication. He or she is available to faculty seeking to resolve interpersonal conflicts of an institutional nature, or seeking to resolve complaints against institutional practices that may be infringing upon the rights of the individual. In responding to complaints, an ombudsperson might (1) advise the individual of existing procedures for raising such complaints, (2) offer to facilitate an informal resolution, or (3) advise the institution that its policies do not effectively respond to recurrent problems. Ombudspersons shall take as their ethical standard independence, impartiality, and confidentiality, and will seek to promote a community ethic of freedom of expression as well as freedom from repression. Use of the services of an ombudsperson does not preclude or jeopardize an individual’s right additionally to use grievance procedures available to him or her. Ombudspersons are elected by the Faculty from among its tenured members to five-year terms each. (from HWS Faculty Bylaws)

Current ombudspersons:

Christine deDenus (Chemistry)
Kevin Dunn (Political Science)
Kirin Makker (American Studies)
Jim Sutton (Sociology)