OAFA has developed a process to provide more equity around funding. To this end, we are moving away from individualized requests and encouraging faculty to use the funding sources described below; these include: professional development funds; student interaction funds; faculty research grants; speaker/guest artist fund; and curriculum innovation grants. We will continue to evaluate whether we need to adjust the nature and timing of calls.


Faculty Research Grants

Source: Committee on Faculty Research and Honors
Timing: Primary Call - Spring Semester; Secondary Call - Fall Semester

In addition to the typical call for larger proposals that have been (and will continue to be) held in the spring semester, there will also be an additional call in the fall semester for proposals to the Research and Honors Committee. This second round of funding is designed to help fund any new opportunities that may have arisen since May, albeit with a smaller funding pool to work with.

Faculty Professional Development Funds

Source: OAFA 
Timing: Ongoing

The Colleges will reimburse each faculty member appointed at least half-time for the cost of any activities related to professional development each academic year.

The maximum amount per faculty member is $1,500. All receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. Note these policies are subject to the availability of funds and may be changed accordingly. The Provost and Dean of Faculty will notify faculty of such changes in a timely fashion.

If the professional development involves travel (i.e., to a conference), the Colleges travel policy applies.

Faculty should work with their Academic Coordinators to spend these funds. A faculty travel report must be completed in addition to submitting receipts to the Provost's Office. Find the report here.

Professional development requests beyond the $1500 should go through the annual call for Faculty Research Grants.

Summer Scholarship Fellows Program

Source: OAFA
Timing: Early Spring Semester

Faculty applications for the HWS Summer Scholars Fellowship Program (Mentored Research Opportunities and Student Scholarly Experiences) are solicited annually.

Mentored Research Opportunities are projects designed by our faculty that students can apply to participate in. Project titles and faculty mentors for these opportunities are included on the application page. Students are encouraged to contact the mentor before applying.

Student Scholarly Experiences include the Stephen W. Woodworth ’54 Fisher Center Summer Fellowship, and a more general call for student-focused scholarly projects. Examples could include, the development of student-inspired creative scholarly projects supporting a Colleges'-wide academic mission through scholarly work or students supporting a faculty's scholarly work. The application includes a brief description of the proposed goals of the project as well as a summary of the activities you plan to undertake over the eight weeks. Each Student Scholarly Experience requires a faculty or staff mentor who agrees to supervise the project over the summer.


Curriculum Innovation Fund

Source: OAFA
Timing: Spring Semester

The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs annually invites proposals for innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary curricular initiatives. Call will be made typically in early spring around a theme or focus that aligns with strategic planning.

Campus Speaker/Artist Request Form

Source: OAFA 
Timing: Ongoing

Each year OAFA has money available to host guest speakers or artists. Please check first to see if department/program funds are available. To request such a visit, please use the Campus Speaker/Artist Request Form posted on in the Faculty Resources section of the OAFA website.


Student Interaction Fund

Source: OAFA 
Timing: Ongoing
For each class taught, you may seek reimbursement for up to $75 per semester to support activities and engagements with your students. Work with your Academic Coordinator on purchases.

FSEM Student Learning/Engagement

Source: OAFA/FSEM Program 
Contact: Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu 
Timing: Fall Semester

The below format is required when requesting funds from OAFA to support student learning and/or engagement in the First Year Seminar. Approval will be based on the amount of the request, the considerations below, and any other relevant information. Please return this form Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu.

Please consider carefully what the anticipated learning and/or engagement outcomes of the experience. When reviewing requests, we will consider:

  • Student experience outcomes
  • Community building outcomes
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Materials essential for the intended learning goals
  • Experience(s) essential to intended learning goals

Note: If you plan to bring in a speaker please use the OAFA Speaker/Artist Request Form.