Aesthetics: Lisa Leiningerext. 4553, Delancey House

Africana Studies: Kevin Dunnext. 3436, Stern Hall and James McCorkle, ext. 3491, Demarest

American Studies: Kirin Makker, ext. 3474, Delancey House 8

Anthropology: Jeff Andersonext. 3438, Stern Hall

Aquatic Sciences: John Halfman, ext. 3918, Lansing Hall

Art and Architecture: Jeffrey Blankenship, ext. 4573, Houghton House

Asian Studies: Lara C.W. Blanchard, ext. 3893, Houghton House

Bidisciplinary Courses: Jamie MaKinster, ext. 3304, Coxe Hall

Biochemistry: Christine deDenusext. 3612, Rosenberg and Shannon Straub, ext. 3713, Eaton

Biology: Bradley Cosentino, ext. 315-781-4602, Eaton Hall

Chemistry: Christine deDenus, ext. 3612, Rosenberg

Child Advocacy: Julie Newman Kingery, ext. 3641, Gulick Hall

Classics: James Capreedyext. 3798, Smith Hall

Comparative Literature: Nicola Minott-Ahlext. 3362, Demarest

Critical Museum Studies: Angelique Szymanek, ext. 3000, Houghton House 

Critical Social Studies: Hannah Dickinson, ext. 3352, Smith Hall

Dance and Movement Studies: Cynthia Williamsext. 3495, Gearan Center for the Performing Arts

Data Analytics: Jonathan Forde, ext. 3814, Lansing Hall and Kendra Freeman, ext. 3173, Stern Hall

Economics: Christina Houseworth, ext. 3427, Stern Hall

Educational Studies: Diana Baker, ext. 4571, Merritt Hall 202

English: Kathryn Cowlesext. 4592, Demarest

Environmental Studies: Whitney Mauerext. 4662, 451 Pulteney Street

European Studies: Laurence Erussard, ext. 3363, Demarest and Michael Tinkler, ext. 3489, Houghton House

French, Francophone, and Italian Studies: Kanate Dahoudaext. 3799, Smith Hall

Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectional Justice: Michelle Martin-Baron, ext. 3144, Demarest and Jessica Hayes Conroy, ext. 3373, Demarest

Geoscience: David Finkelstein, ext. 4443, Lansing Hall

German Area Studies: Eric Klaus, ext. 3635, Smith Hall

History: Matt Crowext. 4625, Henry House

Holocaust Studies: Michael Dobkowski, ext. 3369, Demarest

International Relations: Stacey Philbrick Yadavext. 3430, Stern Hall

Latin American Studies: Colby Ristow, ext. 3136, Henry House

Law and Society: Matthew Crow, ext. 4625, Henry House

Management and Entrepreneurship: Thomas Drennen, ext. 3419, Stern Hall

Mathematics and Computer Science: Yan Hao, ext. 3595, Lansing Hall

Media and Society: Lisa Pattiext. 4570, Demarest

Music: Charity Lofthouseext. 3407, Gearan Center for the Performing Arts

Music Administration and Entrepreneurship: Thomas Drennen, ext. 3419, Stern Hall

Peace Studies: Shalahudin Kafrawi, ext. 3833, Demarest

Philosophy: Eric Barnes, ext. 3182, Delancey House

Physics: Don Spectorext. 3594, Eaton Hall

Politics: DeWayne Lucas, ext. 3902, Stern Hall

Psychological Science: Daniel Graham, ext. 4526, Gulick Hall

Public Policy Studies: Josh Greensteinext. 4642, Stern Hall

Religious Studies: John Krummel, ext. 3139, Demarest

Russian Area Studies: Christopher Lemelin , ext. 4540,

Sociology: Kendra Freemanext. 3173, Stern Hall

Spanish and Hispanic Studies: Fernando Rodríguez-Mansilla, ext. 3043, Smith Hall

Teacher Education Program: Andie Huskieext. 3444, Merritt Hall

Theatre: Chris Woodworth, ext. 4581, 214 Gearan Center for the Performing Arts

Urban Studies: Ervin Kosta, ext. 4623, Stern Hall

Writing and Rhetoric: Ben Ristowext. 3181, Smith Hall

Writing Colleagues Program: Hannah Dickinson, ext. 3352, Smith Hall, Amy Howard Green, ext. 3903, Smith Hall and Ben Ristow, ext. 3181, Smith Hall