12 September 2023 Meet the AIC Graduate Student Assistants

Two students in the Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership program have graduate assistantships in the Adams Intercultural Center.

This year, Rejaun Heusner ’22, MHEL ’24 and Emma MacShara ’22, MHEL ’25 will serve as Graduate Student Assistants at the Adams Intercultural Center, where they will help foster community on campus while gaining higher education leadership experience.  

Heusner and MacShara’s daily responsibilities include serving as liaisons to cultural clubs, managing the Stine Multipurpose Room and drafting outreach and communications from the center, including the AIC’s weekly events bulletin. In the process, the pair will help make the AIC a hub for student life.

Heusner says the role is helping her jumpstart her career building inclusive work cultures. “This experience will give me the necessary tools and skills to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and create an inclusive environment in the future,” she says.

MacShara says she is learning a lot quickly. “I've only been in this role for about a month, and I can already tell that this experience is going to broaden my skillset, help me form enriching connections with other faculty, students, and community partners, and ultimately develop me into a leader who is ready for the rapidly-changing world of work in higher education.”  

The Graduate Student Assistant position provides real world experience to prepare students for a career in higher education.

“I decided to apply to the Master’s in Higher Education Leadership program at HWS because I have an interest in social justice and creating systemic change within organizations,” shares Heusner. “The program at HWS allows us to take classes while also facing real life experiences working in higher education to become administrators that have the knowledge and experience to create meaningful change within an organization.”

As a part of the program, students can complete assistantships or internships for credit as a part of their graduation requirements. These positions take place in a variety of offices across campus.

“The Adams Intercultural Center has always been an important space for students and clubs on campus. And with the space being newly renovated, I thought being a part of creating a sense of belonging in this space would be a great experience,” shares MacShara. “I love connecting with others and building community, so choosing this graduate assistantship felt like a great fit.”

As an undergraduate student, Heusner majored in sociology and minored in social justice studies. Heusner was a member of the executive board of the Caribbean Students Association and interned for The Kids Network, a charity headquartered in London, England. MacShara double majored in psychological science and sociology. On campus, MacShara was a member of One Love, and collaborated with the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL), The Centennial Center, and the Office of Title IX Programs and Compliance.

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