Kristen Brubaker

Kristen BrubakerAssociate Professor of Environmental Studies

Joined faculty in 2012

PhD, Forest Resources, Penn State University, 2011 
MS, Geosciences, Mississippi State University, 2006
BS, Secondary Education, Penn State University, 2003

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Contact Information

451 Pulteney StreetPhone (315) 781-3445

Scholarly Interest

Forest Ecology

Remote Sensing

Critical Zone Science


My research lies at the intersection of forestry, landscape ecology, and eco-hydrology. Overall, what my research all has in common is that I use spatial data to better understand ecosystems, and potential human impacts on ecosystems. My primary area of focus has been utilizing LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data, a type of remote sensing data, to explore the relationship between forests and landforms/geology. Remote sensing, and LiDAR specifically, permit us to observe forests and other ecosystems without physically being there. Forests are an important part of our landscape, and provide many ecosystem services, ranging from improving biodiversity, providing wood and other forest products, and carbon sequestration. I am particularly interested in answering interdisciplinary questions that explore how terrain, soil, and water availability influence patterns of forest community and structure, and understanding how properties of forests, such as tree height or forest biomass, vary spatially. 

Courses Taught

ENV-203 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems

ENV-200 Environmental Science

ENV-310 Advanced GIS

ENV-207 Environmental Statistics


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