Theatre program

Mosaic NY

Mosaic NY is Hobart and William Smith College’s ongoing social justice theatre company, housed in the Department of Theatre and supported by the Office of Student Affairs. Associate Professor Heather May is the founder and Artistic Director of Mosaic NY.

Mission: To create and perform works of theatre that provoke dialogue, develop community, celebrate diversity, and encourage the active pursuit of social justice. Mosaic NY believes that theatre provides an ideal forum for exploring diversity and social justice by engaging audiences and performers in an empathetic and imaginative exploration of shared narrative.

Company Membership: Students audition for Mosaic NY in the spring semester for membership in the company the following academic year. Student members of Mosaic NY commit to the company for a full academic year and are paid a stipend for their work. Membership in Mosaic NY is open to all students at the Colleges, regardless of major.

Performances: Mosaic NY performs at New Student Orientation each fall, and then throughout the rest of the academic year as opportunity and need arises both on campus and in the community. Devised performance materials and year-round rehearsals ensure that the company is able to respond to issues as they come up, fostering a particularly close relationship between Mosaic NY and its audiences.


Heather May
Associate Professor of Theatre
(315) 781-3876


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.