A graduate assistant (GA) is a graduate student who is given financial support, with tuition remission and a stipend ($20,000), for work in a department or unit. Their commitment is for one year with the opportunity to be renewed. Graduate assistantship is an appointment averaging no more than 19 hours per week. Additionally, GAs will work from August 1 through May 31. GAs are considered integral team members to departments or units and carry responsibilities such as student mentorship, programming, administrative duties, event planning, facilitation, reporting and other assigned duties specific to the department or unit. Intrinsic motivation, sound judgement, awareness of community standards and policies, an ability to take initiative and communicate effectively are essential.

All graduate assistants must be accepted into the Master’s of Arts in Higher Education Leadership at HWS as full-time students. Maintaining good academic standing, contributing in the classroom setting, managing their time effectively and balancing their schoolwork along with their GA duties should be a priority for all parties. GA roles are competitive and subject to the hiring process of the sponsoring office.