The Biology Faculty Prize

Awarded to the biology major who has demonstrated the greatest intellectual growth while at the Colleges.


  • 2010: Sam Tandle, Martyna Boruta
  • 2011: Caitlin Baker, Marcie Day
  • 2012: Elenor Milano
  • 2013: Dona Occhipinti
  • 2015: Catilin Maloney
  • 2016: Katrin Ayer, Lauren Walters

The Kevin P. O’Neill ’84 Memorial Award

Given to the senior Biology major who has demonstrated high interest and aptitude in Field Natural History as expressed in extracurricular activities and honor grades in field oriented work.


  • 2010: Sam Georgian, Liz Zinsser
  • 2011: Bob Taylor
  • 2012: Matt Paufve
  • 2013: Sam Knopka
  • 2015: Nick Steijn
  • 2016: Nicolette Andrzejczyk, Madeline Holly Balman

The Biology Research Award

Awarded to the student who conducted superior research in the department. 


  • 2010: Lis Losito, Jenny O’Brien
  • 2011: Bob Taylor
  • 2012: Josie Stout
  • 2013: Deepak Vallabhaneni
  • 2014: Shannon Beston, Guaqun Li
  • 2015: Caitlyn Mitchell
  • 2016: Alexander James Gatch

Outstanding Biology Student Prize

Awarded to the student who has shown outstanding accomplishments in several areas of biology including coursework, research, and contributions within the department.


  • 2010: Regina Triplett
  • 2011: Jessica Popp
  • 2012: Kelly Patel
  • 2013: Emily Kellogg, Stephen Mugel
  • 2015: Melissa Mahajan

Biology Leadership Award

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the department during her/his four years at the Colleges.


  • 2010: Travis Blum
  • 2011: Taylor Raufus
  • 2012: Andrew Baird
  • 2013: Olivia Todd
  • 2016: Elizabeth Lunderman

Joint Awards

The Eaton-Cross Prize

Established in memory of Elon Eaton, Professor of Biology, and Edward Cross, Professor of Chemistry.  To a member of the junior class who is concentrating in Biology and/or Chemistry.

  • 2015: Alex Gatch
  • 2016: James Cooper

The Dr. Barbara Johnston ’34 Prize

Awarded to a William Smith student in the sciences. 

  • 2015: Stephanie Cramer
  • 2016: Namita Devi Neerukonda

Get Involved


The Biology Club, Pre-Health Professions Club and HWS EMS Team are student-run organizations that may be of interest to students studying biology.

For more information about these organizations or to learn about starting your own biology-themed club, contact Kristen Tobey ( in the Office of Student Activities.



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