Chinese Program

The HWS Chinese program offers interested students the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses in language, literature, history, religion and culture.

A member of the Council for International Education Exchange (CIEE) Chinese Language Consortium, the Chinese program gives students in good standing the chance to participate in the CIEE program in Beijing, Nanjing or Taipei. Qualified students may also arrange to study at the Mandarin Training Center or other language institutes in Taiwan. Heritage learners may request to enroll in the Overseas Chinese Youth Tour, a summer Chinese language camp sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Taiwan.

Faculty are trained language teachers and scholars who teach modern Mandarin Chinese that is spoken in China, Taiwan and other Chinese communities. Classical Chinese is taught as an independent study.

The Chinese program does not offer a separate major or minor in Chinese, but all courses in the Chinese program are cross-listed with the Asian Studies department and may count toward requirements for the major or minor in Asian Studies.


CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 102 Beginning Chinese II
CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 301 Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 302 Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 340 Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 450 Independent Study


ASN 209 The Golden Age of Chinese Culture
ASN 210 Buddhism and Taoism through Chinese Literature
ASN 212 Women in Contemporary Chinese Culture
ASN 220 Male and Female in East Asian Society and Culture
ASN 236 Society and Culture in China
ASN 312 Literary and Historical Memory in China
ASN 342 Chinese Cinema: Gender, Politics and Social Change in Contemporary China


For scholarship opportunities and more information about the Chinese Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, please contact the Chinese Language Program Coordinator.