HWS OneCard

Note: To add money to the OneCard, use the GET link (at right). OneCard funds are different from snack money, which can only be used on-campus. OneCard funds can be used on- and off-campus.

OneCard Information

OneCard sample


Card not working, lost or broken
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Kim
   Boise, Registrar's Office, Gulick Hall
After hours: Safety Office

Housing and meal plan questions
Mollie, Residential Education, ext. 3880

General information, requests, issues
Frank Bartels, IT Services, ext. 3394

Getting Started

Your OneCard is your official Colleges ID and is used across campus: getting into your residence hall, working out at the gym, and attending campus events are all made easy with this multi-purpose card.

Key Uses

  • Meal Plans
  • Snack Money
    Use for on-campus purchases.
  • OneCard
    Use for off-campus and on-campus purchases.
  • Door Access
  • Library access, online and in person
  • Access to athletic facilities
  • Access to sporting events
  • Student Identification



You are eligible for a OneCard once you are registered for class. New first-year or transfer students obtain their OneCards at Orientation. All others may obtain their OneCards at the Registrar's Office during regular business hours. Your OneCard is valid while you are a registered student. All registered students must have a OneCard and carry it with them at all times.

Your OneCard is non-transferable: it can ONLY be used by the person named on the card.

Faculty and Staff

You are eligible for a OneCard while you are employed at Hobart and William Smith. You may add money to it, to be used at campus dining locations and off-campus merchants, through the GET Funds web site.

If you need a new OneCard ID card, please go to the Registrar's Office.

Card Fees

A $15 fee will be charged to replace your OneCard.

Managing your Account


Visit GET Funds and log in with your HWS username and password.


  • See your current account balances.
  • View and print your recent transactions.
  • Easily view, print, e-mail or download a PDF of your full transaction history.
  • Easily add funds instantly with a credit card. You can safely keep a credit card on file for a fast add-on.
  • Report your card lost and/or found.
  • Easily send an e-mail to parents, family or friends to add money to your account.

Family and Friends

  • Visit GET Funds on your computer or mobile device.
  • Use the Parents or Guardians link.
  • Enter the student's Campus Wide ID Number (8 digit person number).
  • Select the account in which to deposit.
  • Select the amount to deposit.
  • Fill in the payment information.
  • Confirm everything and complete the deposit.

Faculty and Staff

Visit GET Funds and log in with your HWS username and password.


  • See your current account balances.
  • View and print your recent transactions.
  • Easily view, print, email or download a PDF of your full transaction history.
  • Easily add funds instantly with a credit card. You can safely keep a credit card on file for a fast add-on.
  • Report your card lost and/or found.

Reporting a Lost Card

If you have lost your OneCard (or you feel it has been stolen), you must report it as soon as possible. You are responsible for all activity on your card until it is deactivated.

If you have lost your OneCard over the weekend, report the loss to Campus Safety. Dining Services staff members can assist you in making food purchases until Monday when you can replace your card.

Deactivating a Lost Card

There are several ways to report a lost card:

  • In Person: You may stop by the Registrar's Office during business hours to report a lost or stolen card and a new card may be issued right away.
  • By Phone: You may call the Registrar's Office during business hours, or Campus Safety after hours. Your card will be deactivated while you are on the phone.
  • Online: Use your HWS username and password to log into GET Funds and select "I Lost My Card". This will lock your card so that no one may use it.

Reactivating a Reported Lost Card

Should you find your lost card or have it found and returned to you, if you have not had a new card issued to you, you may reactivate your found card online, at the GET Funds web site. You may also bring it in person to the Registrar's Office or Campus Safety for reactivation. If you have had a new card issued and you find your old card, destroy the old card and just use the new one.

Snack Money, OneCard Purchases, and Student Account Charging

Snack money that comes with your meal plan remains snack money and cannot be transferred to be used for off-campus merchants.

OneCard funds are added by using the GET web site (at right) and can be used on- and off-campus. Snack money can only be used on-campus.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is the OneCard the same as Snack Money?

No. The OneCard is a program that is meant to complement your current Meal Plan and Snack Money options.

Why is this a separate program from Snack Money and the Meal Plans?

The HWS OneCard is a new program developed and managed by HWS to give students, faculty, and staff more dining and entertainment options. We are working with the student governments and area businesses to add more off-campus venues in the near future. OneCard dollars can be used on-campus as well, but are subject to sales tax.

The long-term goal is to include the OneCard along with the meal options.

Can the OneCard be used at On-Campus locations?

Yes. Currently the OneCard can be used at all Sodexo dining locations.

Can I buy alcohol or tobacco using my OneCard?

No. The OneCard program does not allow the purchase of alcohol or tobacco for users, regardless of age.

Will more merchants be added to the OneCard program?

Yes. The plan is to add merchants in the Grocery, Gas and Pharmacy categories over the next few weeks. We will notify the campus as soon as new merchants are added.

Do faculty and staff need the newly branded OneCard in order to use this program?

Technically, no. The new ID card (called the OneCard) is mainly meant to be used at locations where card access has been installed (e.g. residence halls). In order to use the off-campus merchant program, as long as you have an ID card, all you have to do is add money to your account.

Where do I go if I want to replace my old ID with a new OneCard?

Faculty and staff who have not received a new OneCard can always go to the Registrar's Office and request to have a new card printed. If you would like, they will even take a new photo for you.

OneCard Project Implementation Progress

The implementation phase of the One Card Capital Project began in December of 2013. The project is scheduled to be complete in approximately two years.

As of December 2014, the following services have been brought online:

  • New OneCard Design and Production operation and re-carding of all students
  • New Dining Services program and OneCard equipment
  • Addition of OneCard access to all major residence halls
  • Online access for adding funds and viewing transactions, and reporting lost/found OneCard
  • Launched program for off-campus vending

Remaining services in progress are:

  • OneCard access for small houses and O'Dells
  • Laundry and Vending using the OneCard
  • Off-Campus purchasing with the OneCard
  • Re-carding of all Faculty and Staff

Expanded and additional services may be added to the original project as interest and resources permit.

OneCard Project Initiation

Since late 2008, a cross-functional project team has worked to determine the overall cost, benefit, impact and opportunity of implementing a OneCard system at HWS. This capital project will have a significant impact on key focus areas at the colleges:

  • Improved student service delivery
  • Improved student security
  • Community Engagement
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced insitutional risk

With these key focus areas in mind, here is the scope of the current OneCard project:

  • Secure Card Access to Residence Halls - Students gain access to residence halls using their ID card rather than keys.
  • Off-Campus Purchases - HWS ID cards can be used to make purchases at approved Geneva retailers.
  • Online Access - Individuals can add funds to their ID card instantly and remotely, view transactions, balance inquiries, report stolen card 24/7.
  • Vending and Laundry - Students no longer need to scour for change to utilize laundry and vending services.
  • Integration - Seamlessly integrates to current housing, financial and print services systems along with other enterprise applications.


GET funds

Use the GET Funds site for:

  • Adding OneCard funds
  • View transactions
  • Reporting a lost card
  • Reporting a found card
  • Finding places to use the card

Where to Use the OneCard

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Parent/Guardian Instructions: Adding Money to a Student's Card

Students with questions or comments about the OneCard project can contact Student Government here.

If you have questions or comments about the OneCard project, please contact the OneCard project manager, Jeremy Trumble.