The Housekeeping Department services 104 buildings and approximately 1.41 million square feet of building space.   The variety of older buildings provide for various cleaning techniques to enable effective and efficient cleaning of these buildings.  Flooring systems consist of carpeting, quarry tile, vinyl tile, finished wood, etc.  Residence hall turnover, scheduled cycle cleaning for both residence hall and academic/administrative buildings, and day to day cleaning of common areas are some the cleaning services provided.

Some of the quality programs and systems that have been implemented include

  • Quality check assurance program that requires thorough inspections of all campus buildings one to two times per month by the shift supervisor. Follow-up with problems and accomplishments are pursued.
  • Availability of purchasing products from nationally recognized vendors enabling cost efficient purchases (cost control).
  • Recycling programs, including continual education of the campus community.
  • Standards development in reference to specified job tasks (time management).
  • Develop policies and procedures for cleaning tasks and activities
  • Quality assurance housekeeping surveys allow for feedback from the end user of the facilities.  Supervisors follow-up with customer concerns

Deborah Woody - Housekeeping Manager,, 781-3120

Janet Rasmussen - Housekeeping Supervisor,; 781-3118

Scott Little - Housekeeping Supervisor,, 781-3119