Building Trades at HWS consist of skilled workers, such as Carpenters, Painters, and Locksmiths involved in the building construction industry. We also have a specialized General Service Mechanic who maintains the William Scandling Explorer boat, and the college fleet of service vehicles, in addition to assisting with Locksmith duties. The Building Trades maintain the building structure such as walls, doors, locks, windows, floors, roofs. Typical work for each of the Building Trades is listed below:


Installing window blinds, repairing/replacing broken windows, inspecting roofs, responding to roof leaks, replacing/fixing doors, repairing walls, floors, ceilings, installing shelving, hanging large banners, repairing furniture.


Painting walls of dorms, classrooms, administrative space, painting the outsides of buildings, fences, posts, crew and sailing docks; refinishing wood tables.


Providing new or replacement keys, changing all the locks of residence halls at certain times of the school year, keeping records of keying system, maintaining electronic card swipe locks, installing and adjusting door closers.

Specialized General Service Mechanic

Maintain the William Scandling Explorer boat, inspect and maintain the fleet of college vehicles, perform driver testing, assist Locksmith.

Ed Collins - Maintenance Manager, 781-3116