Statements and Media Coverage

This webpage has been created to centralize communications that have been distributed to the HWS community as well as recent media coverage regarding the Colleges' policies and procedures around sexual misconduct. A consortium of alumni, alumnae, parents, students, faculty and staff has come together to seek solutions for the future. Share constructive suggestions and ideas by e-mailing the Colleges at HWSfeedback@hws.edu.

Statements to the HWS Community

Recent Media Attention



The Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy applies to and prohibits all forms of sexual, sex- or gender-based harassment, discrimination or misconduct-based upon gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation-including sexual harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking, and sex- or gender-based harassment that does not involve conduct of a sexual nature.


Share suggestions and ideas for change with Hobart and William Smith Colleges: HWSfeedback@hws.edu
(e-mails will be responded to by the Office of the President)

Join alumni, alumnae and friends of the Colleges in working for change by contacting the HWS Community for Change, an ad hoc group of community members who care about HWS but who have no formal affiliation. The HWS Community for Change can be reached at: ChangeHWS@gmail.com.

A student group, the Coalition of Concerned Students, is working to ensure that the Colleges are a safe environment for all students and are joining with the Colleges and the HWS Community for Change to enact policy and climate changes. The Coalition of Concerned Students can be reached at: hwscocs@gmail.com.

Learn more about the Colleges' policies, procedures and education programming regarding Community Standards and sexual misconduct.