20 May 2021 Graham's An Internet in Your HeadPublished

A new book by Associate Professor of Psychological Science Daniel Graham argues for thinking about the human brain as a communication system, like the internet.

Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham

In An Internet in Your Head, Associate Professor of Psychological Science Daniel Graham proposes that the best metaphor for the human brain is the internet. As Graham has explained on his Psychology Today blog, Your Internet Brain, this new paradigm can open new avenues of research, allowing neuroscientists to unravel the brain’s routing mechanisms and help unlock its deepest secrets.

“Neuroscientists are starting to realize that, in addition to performing computations, the brain also must communicate within itself. The key point is that, although communication involves computation, communication systems rely on different fundamental design principles than those of computing systems,” Graham writes.

An Internet in Your Head, published by Columbia University Press on Tuesday, May 4, is available now on Amazon. Excerpts, coinciding with the book’s publication, appear this month on the award-winning blog BoingBoing and the digital magazine Berfrois.

Graham’s research spans computational and theoretical studies of natural vision coding in the retina and visual cortex, network science approaches to understanding dynamic activity on the connectome and human visual aesthetics and art-making from a statistical/computational perspective. A member of the HWS faculty since 2012, he holds an M.S. in physics and a Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell University and a B.A in physics from Middlebury College.

Graham will discuss his research and book at Reunion 2021. The talk is titled, Author’s Circle: An Internet in Your Head: A New Paradigm for how the Brain Works.

Learn more about Grahams work@BrainAsInternet.