28 July 2017 • Alums Alum Associations Recognize Giving and Service

The Hobart Alumni Association and William Smith Alumnae Association recognized their members’ strong commitment to the Colleges during this year’s Reunion, with several classes and alums honored for their dedicated service.

The Classes of 1952 were awarded the Founders Cup for having the highest percentage of giving during their Reunion year. The Reunion attendance trophies were awarded to the Hobart Class of 2012 and William Smith Class of 2012 with 29 percent and 26 percent attending, respectively. The Hobart Class of 1967 and William Smith Class of 1972 each came in a close second.

“What an amazing group of alumni and alumnae – and honorary alumni and alumnae,” Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations Jared Weeden ’91 told the crowd, accompanied by Assistant Vice President for Alumnae Relations Kathy Killius Regan ’82, P’13. “You, and all of the many volunteers, make us humbled and proud to be graduates of these great Colleges.”

This year’s recipients of alumni citations include: Joel Shepard ’67, Chris Flanagan ’67, Richard “Toby” Pugh ’67, Roger Frankel ’72, Ed Mooney ’77, Chris McDonald ’77, L.H.D. ’13, Mark Darden ’87, P’17, Former Trustee Richard Abbe ’92, P’19, Trustee Will Margiloff ’92 and Adam Polcek ’92. The William Smith Alumnae Association issued citations of gratitude for: Connie Rice ’72, Trustee Kate MacKinnon ’77, Kristen Ohms-McNamara ’77, P’18, Robin Savits Cooper ’87, P’16, Rachel Maleh ’87, Sarah Wethey Heieck ’97 and Sraddha M. Fonseka ’97.

The Young Alumnus Award was presented to Nathan Kress ’07, MAT ’08 and Rafael Rodriguez ’07. The Young Alumna Award was presented to Minnie Muzquiz ’07, Caroline W. Spruill ’12, Laura Mallozzi Leoni ’07, Katelyn Miller ’07, Ashley Kent Rosati ’07 and Kiersten Hamilton ’12.

Trustee Stephen Cohen ’67 was honored with the Distinguished Service Award, recognizing his lifelong commitment to the Colleges.

Like the Distinguished Service Award, the Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Award is the Alumnae Association’s highest honor for service to William Smith, this year presented to Former Trustee Susan Lloyd Yolen ’72. Worth Douglas ’67, who was unable to attend, was also honored with the Centennial Bowl.

In total, classes raised $1.2 million for the Colleges this year, including:

  • The Classes of 1967 raised a total of $226,210 and for a total of $3,541,082 since their 45th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1972 gave a total of $230,966 and raised a total of $1,082,356 since their 40th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1977 gave $28,783 and gave $854,712 since their 35th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1982 gave a total of $241,898 and raised $1,568,374 since their 30th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1987 gave a total of $50,740 and gave $348,400 since their 25th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1992 gave a total of $64,440 and raised $572,900 since their 20th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 1997 gave $81,656 and gave a total of $216,643 since their 15th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 2002 gave a total of $19,074 and a total of $191,970 since their 10th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 2007 gave a total of $20,570 and gave a total of $103,262 since their 5th Reunion.
    • The Classes of 2012 gave a total of $21,701 and raised $65,962 for the Colleges since their graduation, a record for 5th Reunion classes.
    • The Encore Reunion Classes, representing the Classes of 1942 to 1962, gave a total of $453,574 to the Colleges this year alone.
    • The Classes of 2017 contributed $10,031.50 in their first class gift to the Annual Fund, an accomplishment made possible by the generous contributions of Trustee Allison Morrow ’76, Trustee Garrett Mathieson ’74 and Trustee Andrew McMaster ’74, P’09.