10 May 2023 Brand ’24 Accepts Internship with Citigroup

This summer, Matthew Brand ’24 will enter the world of finance as an intern at Citigroup.

“I can’t wait to be thrown into the fire and to learn as much as possible,” says Matthew Brand ’24, who will intern with Citigroup’s private bank this summer in their Global Wealth Management Division. “The finance world is unique, competitive and relentless, and I know this experience will develop me professionally and personally.”

For 10 weeks, Brand will be based in New York City and will take on a project that will expose him to different areas within the field, including banking, investments, lending and wealth planning.

Brand says he is most excited about meeting new people and forming connections with Citigroup employees and other interns. “Citi has such a team-oriented and welcoming culture. They truly want everyone to succeed because team success means company success. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of that and to contribute toward maintaining that standard,” he says.

A part of the Chimera Honor Society on campus, Brand is an economics major and entrepreneurial studies minor. He is a member of the HWS Finance Society and the Hobart basketball team, and works in Bristol Field House.

“Career Services was invaluable to me during this time,” Brand says. In addition to assistance refining his resume and cover letter, the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education helped him with interview prep and networking. “Securing a position in this industry requires networking and having people within the company help you out. Career Services was my dream team, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Brand says he spoke to five HWS alums from Citi alone, all of whom were willing to share insights about their journey from HWS to a career in finance.

“I knew from the impressions I got from the alums that Citi was where I wanted to work,” he says.

“To have everything come to fruition and for all the hard work to pay off was truly a special moment for myself and my family. I have the greatest support system I could ask for between my family, friends, HWS faculty and coaches,” says Brand.

Looking beyond the internship, Brand hopes to work in the financial services industry, specifically in wealth management. “I want to be client-facing and work with people to help them achieve their financial goals,” he says.

“HWS is a special place with special people who want to ensure the success of their students in all areas of life. I am so thankful that I chose HWS and have taken full advantage of everything it has to offer,” Brand says. “There is no limit on one’s success coming from a place like this, and no student should be afraid to dream big and bet on themselves.”