20 March 2023 Carr ’23 Flies into Aviation Industry By Katelyn Oswalt '24

With a goal to become a pilot, Caitlin Carr ’23 turns her summer internship into a career in aviation.

Since last spring, Caitlin Carr ’23, a writing and rhetoric major, has worked as a marketing intern for Prescott Holdings, a company dedicated to the preservation of World War II aircraft that operates The Hangar at 743, an event venue located at the Albany, N.Y. International Airport where vintage aircraft on display. She’s since been offered a position following graduation.

In her role as Marketing Intern, Carr spent the Summer of 2022 conducting historical research, interviewing members of the aviation industry, writing articles, securing publicity opportunities and designing company merchandise.

“My favorite part of the internship was the hands-on experience around so many aircraft and the people I met,” shares Carr. “I had clearance to walk on the Albany International Airport runway whenever I wanted, so I could get up close and personal with the World War II aircraft maintained by Prescott as well as commercial jets.”

On campus, Carr is a member of the Writing Colleagues Program and the Herald. She credits her experience in the Writing and Rhetoric Department for her success. She says, “Intro to Publishing,” taught by Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Cheryl Forbes prepared her for this role and shaped her professional interests.

“The major project in the class was creating our own 40-page magazine on whatever topic we wanted,” shares Carr, who wrote her magazine on aviation. “The magazine project allowed me to explore my interests, combining my love of writing with my passion for flying.”

Following the Summer of 2022, Carr worked for the company during breaks from school. Following graduation, she has secured a full-time research and marketing position at Prescott Holdings. Looking ahead, Carr hopes to pursue her pilot’s license and a career as a commercial airline pilot.

“My experience at HWS prepared me for aviation by helping me shape a proper work ethic,” shares Carr. “Any role in the airline industry—but especially the pilot role—requires an immense amount of training, and I am prepared to face that.”

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