23 July 2021 • Arts Finding the Spotlight, Roberts '24 Reflects on First Year at HWS

In her first year at the Colleges, Eliyah Roberts ’24 made her mark on the HWS Theatre stage, performing in all three productions. As she hones her craft, she is also making friends, and learning how to embrace independence.

Eliyah poses for a photo

Eliyah Roberts '24

What’s the biggest difference between being a high school student and a college student?

The biggest difference is the freedom that goes along with living on campus. This means that I really had to structure my time and plan when to study, eat, workout, etc.

Best part about living in a residence hall?

The best part is that your friends are right down the hall, which is always so fun! You become so close within a matter of time.

Favorite class?

My “Acting 1” and “Acting 2” classes taught by Professor Hatch! Those classes were so much fun to go to, and we did something new every day. We often explored different levels of acting and we just had fun through our monologues and scenes. Hatch was always open to new ideas. He’s fun-spirited and welcoming to everyone, which made the class really comfortable.

Have you connected with a faculty/ staff member?

I feel like I connected with multiple professors, but the one connection that stands out is Professor Hatch. At our meeting at the end of the first semester, I told him about my big dreams for the future and what I want to do. Hatch fully supported me. He is willing to help me become the best performer I can be, so I can compete with the rest of the greats on stage and in front of the camera.

Favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is probably the Quad. Imagine this, it’s a nice day and it’s real hot. You just got out of a difficult class, and you want to take a study break. Where do you go? Well, I’ll probably be grabbing a blanket and going to the Quad to just chill out after a hard day’s work with friends. It’s always so nice to feel the breeze and the heat on your face. Then in the background, you hear people playing spike ball, music and just having fun!

Where have you found community on campus?

I definitely found community within the theatre community on campus. Everyone I’ve met has been very welcoming, tons of fun and kind. They are so passionate about their craft, which pushes me to give it my all.

What’s something you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing?

Something that I’m most proud of was being in all three of the HWS Theatre productions! It was such a fun, unforgettable and unique experience. It was always such a joy walking into the Black Box and getting to work with the other actors.

What have you learned about yourself this year?

I’ve learned a lot about self-discipline and time management. Although, it’s still a work in progress, I’ve learned how to balance my time in order to get everything done I wanted to that day and not feel overwhelmed with work.

In the photograph above, Roberts performs in the spring production “Tone a Blind Eye.”