17 September 2019 • Arts Art & Memory in Germany

This summer during a program co-led by Associate Professor of Art and Architecture Gabriella D’Angelo and Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture Alysia Kaplan, 13 students studied abroad in Berlin. While designed for architectural studies and studio art students, the program also encompassed a range of disciplines and explored the intersections of architecture, art, memory and space within Germany.

“Berlin is such a rich city culturally, historically, artistically and architecturally to name a few, with gems to explore without end,” says D’Angelo. “​To use the city as our classroom was an exceptional way to get to know the city in a very intimate way. Exploring the various neighborhoods, buildings, monuments, galleries and museums while weaving in and out of the subways, trams and streets was exciting, expansive and leaves a lasting impression for years to come.”

Daily trips to sites throughout Berlin included the Topography of Terror, the House of Wannsee Conference, the Jewish Museum and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. “I learned that it is incredible to learn about a culture while in that place,” says Daphna Bendull ’21, a history and art history double major. “It was incredible visiting so many of the places I had seen in class or in books, and then getting to interpret them in a completely new way through the class.”

Adam Farid ’20, a studio art and media & society double major, also enjoyed being immersed in the city. “I appreciated that our coursework was directly related to the city’s extensive history and unique identity, and that we had the freedom to incorporate the art, architecture and political history of Berlin into our work,” says Farid.

“I felt like I learned more about myself and how to adapt to new environments and people,” says Ara McCorkle ’20, a sociology major. “It got me out of my comfort zone and I’m glad it did, because I ended up having experiences I otherwise would not have.”

The Germany program was one of four short-term study abroad experiences led by faculty this summer. Other programs were held in Wales, India and Ecuador.