30 October 2019 • Arts A Celebration of Dance at Koshare 2019

Koshare, Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Dance Collective, will showcase upwards of 150 dancers in more than twenty diverse pieces on the Smith Opera House stage on Friday, Nov. 15 and Saturday, Nov. 16.

“I am so proud to see this show unwind into the beautiful and magical performance we know it will be,” says Koshare Co-President Sophie Kaufman ’20, MAT ’21.

This year’s lineup includes “many different styles…ranging from hip-hop to Bollywood, and contemporary to Jamaican style dances, to many more…all choreographed by fellow students,” says Alex Cottrell ’20, one of Koshare’s publicity officers.

Kayla Liszewski ’21, the group’s other publicity officer, notes that aside from the stylistic variety, one of the distinguishing features of Koshare is that “anyone at HWS, regardless of one’s dance abilities, is able to be a part of the collective.”

Founded in 1971, Koshare is a beloved tradition at the Colleges that gives all students the opportunity to choreograph and perform on a large stage. The popularity of the annual performance has grown beyond the bounds of the HWS campus, and since 2013, has been held in the Smith Opera House, the historic 1,300-seat venue in downtown Geneva.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. both nights. Tickets are free for HWS students and children (12 years and younger), and $10 for general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the door, Scandling Campus Center or thesmith.org.

Koshare merchandise will be available for purchase at The Smith before each show, as will raffle tickets for various baskets, with proceeds going to charity.

“I have performed in Koshare every single year I have been at HWS,” Liszewski says. “I have performed in multiple pieces, ranging from contemporary, jazz and hip-hop. I look forward to every fall semester, being able to take part in Koshare and learn diverse styles of dance, meet new friends, perform on stage, and create life-long memories.”

“To the public eye, Koshare is this fascinating and magical experience, yet to the dancers, tech crew and every person who is involved, there is so much time and energy that goes into creating the show. It is a community; the dancers become your family, and it all would be impossible without the dedication of the tech crew, our Faculty Advisor Assistant Professor of Dance Kelly Johnson, and the cooperation of the Smith Opera House’s team,” says Kaufman. “We are so thankful for everyone involved, and know that this year’s show is bound to be a beauty.”

Other board members include Co-President Hallie Varenka ’20, Vice President Samantha Rosenberg ’20, Secretary Makenna Hambley ’21, Treasurer Grace Stewart ’21, Co-Community Outreach and Fundraising officers Samantha Legg ’20 and Camryn Mulpagano ’21, Costume Consultant Emma Ibbotson ’21, Choreographer Consultant Bella Siddall ’21 and Merchandising Officer Kate Peglow ’20.

The photo above features dancers from Koshare 2019 during Thursday’s rehearsal.