Rene Monson

Renee MonsonProfessor of Sociology

Joined faculty in 1998

Ph.D., Sociology, Wisconsin at Madison
M.A., Public Affairs, Minnesota
B.A., Sociology, Oberlin

Contact Information

Stern HallPhone (315) 781-3426

Scholarly Interest

Gender relations
Families and social change
American politics
Social policy
Welfare state restructuring
Collaborative pedagogy

Teaching Experience

University of Wisconsin
Oberlin College


My previous research focused on how U.S. welfare reform affected the social organization of sexuality as well as the social organization of paid and unpaid work in families. I was interested in how gendered interests, identities, and ideologies of fatherhood, motherhood, and heterosexuality were at stake as the U.S. shifted the provision of social welfare from the state to families and employers. To investigate these questions, I conducted ethnographic research on the process of establishing paternity and enforcing child support in several Wisconsin counties.

More recently, I have been working on an investigation of the correlations between patterned variation in family forms and recent U.S. presidential election outcomes at the state level. My co-author, Prof. Jo Beth Mertens in the Economics Department, and I have analyzed Census data on state-level patterns in family types, state economies, and demographic characteristics of state populations to propose a new explanation for the red state/blue state electoral maps. Our research focuses on how and why states' rates of absent-father families and small/delayed families are correlated with the proportion of votes cast for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections.

Finally, I am engaged in two ongoing projects in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  In one project I am examining patterned variation in students' learning outcomes in collaborative pedagogy,  For this project, I am analyzing more than a decade of records on student achievement and student experiences in group projects in my Research Methods course.  In addition, Prof. Kristy Kenyon in the Biology Department and I are interrogating the role of disciplines in interdisciplinary curricula.  In this project, we are drawing on our experiences with co-teaching our bi-disciplinary course, The Politics of Reproduction. 

Courses Taught

Class Matters
The Politics of Reproduction
Introduction to Sociology
Research Methods
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Working Families
Social Policy
Policy Making, Implementation, and Evaluation
Pro Present


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