Julie Kingery

Julie KingeryChair, Child AdvocacyProfessor of Psychological Science

Joined faculty in 2007

Post-doctoral fellowship, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Ph.D. in Developmental and Clinical Psychology, University of Maine
Predoctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
B.A. in Psychology, University of Richmond

Contact Information

Gulick HallPhone (315) 781-3641

Scholarly Interest

The social adjustment of clinically anxious youth
Cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders among children/adolescents
Mindfulness and psychological well-being among college students
Peer relationships as predictors of adjustment across the middle school transition
Scholarship of teaching and learning in Psychology

Courses Taught

Topics in Developmental Psychology
Advanced Theory and Design in Developmental Psychology
Capstone Research in Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Child Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Introduction to Psychology


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*denotes student co-author


Society for Research in Child Development
Society for Research on Adolescence
American Psychological Association


Based on my training in developmental and clinical psychology, I approach my courses and scholarly pursuits from a multi-disciplinary perspective. In my teaching, I encourage students to develop an understanding of both normal and atypical patterns of development. My research involves normative and clinical samples and is conducted in community (e.g., schools, clinics) and research lab settings. I enjoy collaborating with HWS students and developing cooperative partnerships with schools and other community organizations.