ESSYI Application

Biographical Information


Parent or Guardian 1

Parent or Guardian 2

: Have any of your relatives or close friends attended ESSYI or Hobart and William Smith Colleges? If so, please include their names, class years, and relationship to you.


Cultural Heritage (optional)

For Our Information

: How did you learn about our program? If through a web site, please be specific.

Interests and Activities

: Please describe your current academic interests.

: Briefly describe your extracurricular activities.

Personal Statement

It is our aim to know you as well as possible through this application. Please take this opportunity to tell us something about yourself that will give us clearer insight into who you are and how you think. You may choose to describe why you are interested in attending this program, discuss an environmental topic of interest to you, or find another way to help us know you better. The topic and approach are entirely up to you.


Upon acceptance into the program, you will be mailed a registration form that must be completed and returned with a $500 deposit. This non-refundable deposit guarantees you a place in the Institute.

The Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute reserves the right to make any adjustments to the curriculum it deems necessary.