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UstachKate Ustach '07
AmeriCorps*VISTA, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning

Major: Diversity in the Workplace (Individual Studies)

Favorite Faces: Eric Patterson

Extracurricular Activities: Writing Colleague, Laurel Society, First Book Campus Activity Board, Book Bash Committee, Jumpstart Volunteer Coordinator, Summit Education Outreach, Public Service Office Manager

How did the coordinate system have an impact on your education?
The coordinate system is remarkable because it provides the best of both worlds. I was able to learn and grow in the classroom and socially with Hobart men around me, but I was also able to embrace my femininity and independence and empower myself to attain more with William Smith traditions and events. William Smith supported my pride and strength as a woman, and as a result I was able to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

How did William Smith shape your idea of leadership?
William Smith taught me that leadership is a valuable gift to be shared and one of the most effective ways to do that is by simply modeling good leadership skills. My senior year I participated in a Learn to Lead, a William Smith leadership effort in which upperclassmen mentor underclassmen to promote their leadership skills and involvement on campus. The program was a success not because we attended a workshop on leadership but because I was able to have conversations and spend time with younger women in every day life, and they were able to note and replicate the behavior in return.

Why have you returned to William Smith College as an employee?
I’ve remained here since graduation...I just couldn’t leave!


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