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Hannah Konkle '00
Admissions Counselor and Alum Admission Network Coordinator at Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Mass.

Major: Public Policy (concentration in law) with a minor in sociology

Leadership roles: Congress president, secretary, and representative; served on many boards because of these positions

Extracurricular activities: WS Congress (4 years), Service Day, intramural basketball, club field hockey (1 year)

Favorite professors: Jack Harris and Marty Hershock

First job after college: human resources

Accomplishments at William Smith
My junior year I tried, within the student organizations, to demonstrate the similarities among all the different groups on campus. I stressed the importance of the club chairs gathering in one place to discuss their clubs, with the goal in mind that these organizations may notice how beneficial a cohesive, diverse body is. They could exchange what works      within their own clubs, learning from one another. And I found that after the tragic loss of some underclassman, safe rides or at least a discussion was necessary. Dean DeMeis and I spoke in great depth about safe rides, or how to handle the uncomfortable situation of how to get students back to campus safely. I am thrilled to have just learned, since my father checks the website weekly, that safe rides have become a reality and a schedule has been decided on!”

On leadership
I have found that for most wonderful ideas, changes, improvements, or developments to be integrated into a system, usually there is an unpleasant or uncomfortable conversation along with way! William Smith leadership gave me a persistence that I did not have when I enrolled. I am certain I would not have had such a supportive community to run for an executive position at a co-ed institution. All one has to do is look at other institution’s website – you will find a similarity with the presidents of the student governments. Not many women fall in this category. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to represent William Smith in such a manner; I look back fondly at my Congress days.

William Smith taught me to speak up, be confident in who I was, and to take initiative. I would have never run for secretary of WSC, but I was encouraged by a very supportive and nurturing community. William Smith expanded my definition of leadership. I was the captain of my field hockey team and of my girls track and field team. I had a preconceived notion that making decisions defines a leader. I know now that leadership is a complex role, putting a community before oneself- struggling to find a balance that is attractive at face-value yet comprehensive enough to sustain the community.

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