The Scandling Trust

The Scandling Trust

In celebration of Bill Scandling and all that he believed in, Hobart and William Smith have launched a 24-month initiative, called The Scandling Trust, which will leverage Bill Scandling's final gift to the Colleges to encourage the support of others in three important areas:

  • Endowed internships including the promise of a guaranteed internship or research opportunity and, if unpaid, a stipend for every Hobart and William Smith student;
  • Endowed scholarships with particular emphasis on support for the middle class; and
  • The creation of an entrepreneurial leadership initiatives fund that will give students the tools they need to translate their education into a life of consequence.

In addition to Bill's estate gift, The Colleges will raise endowment support for internships and scholarships as well as additional funds for entrepreneurial leadership. With a successful completion of The Scandling Trust by May 2016, the Colleges will have added more than $20 million to its endowment.

In honor of the richness of the Colleges' past, donors who participate in The Scandling Trust hold the key to imagining the Colleges' future.

Internship Stipend

Because the Colleges believe so strongly in the importance of an internship or research opportunity, the Salisbury Center has made a bold commitment: every student of good academic and social standing (matriculating in the fall of 2014 and beyond) who successfully completes the Pathways Program will be guaranteed one internship or research opportunity during his or her college career.

Internships and research opportunities, however, are often unpaid, and there are some students who cannot afford to take advantage of them. To give our students the support they need to participate in such a valuable experience, Hobart and William Smith intend to give each student with an unpaid internship a stipend of up to $1,800 to help defray costs.

With a Scandling Trust fundraising goal of $10 million to support internships and research opportunities, the Colleges will ensure that our students have the resources they need to accept internship or research opportunities that otherwise might be out of reach.

Scholarship Support for Accomplished Students

When students graduate from Hobart and William Smith, we want them to leave the Colleges and enter the workforce from a position of strength. As they negotiate their first jobs, take on leadership roles in their communities, pursue graduate degrees and start families, the Colleges have a responsibility to ensure that the choices they make are not unduly driven by the management of education debt.

Our goal is to ensure that an HWS education remains a viable option for bright and deserving students. Being able to close the gap between the financial aid package and what families can reasonably afford will help attract accomplished students who otherwise may not be able to attend Hobart and William Smith and who could add to the life and vitality of our community.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiatives

The Colleges have created programs and events to cultivate a culture of innovation on campus. Through popular initiatives like The Pitch, the Idea Lab, the Leadership Institute, Leaders-in-Residence and others, students are encouraged to leverage their ideas into products, social movements and creative projects. In this work, they are provided with an academic understanding of the quantitative, management, and ethical practices required of entrepreneurs.

In cooperation with these developments and in recognition of the important role the Colleges play in preparing students for the future, Hobart and William Smith are now placing a strategic focus on entrepreneurial leadership programming.

The creation of Funds for Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiatives will allow HWS to create a suite of co-curricular programs that value exploration, risk, collaboration and innovation, and that prepare students for careers in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.



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