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Student Internship at Merrill Lynch


by Andrew Wickenden '09 with additional reporting by Sarah Burton '11, Molly DiStefano '10, Mary LeClair, Annie Lindenhovius '09, Kwame Lovell '10, Jessica Meyers '10 and Jamie Rasmussen '10

"With paying jobs so hard to get, a lot of college graduates would gladly settle for a nonpaying internship," writes Gerry Shih in a recent New York Times article. "But even then, they are competing with laid-off employees with far more experience."

College students and many new graduates- or their parents-are paying thousands of dollars to companies that help them land internships. "Call these unpaid internships that you pay for," writes Shih.

But this summer, against the national trend, Hobart and William Smith students were able to forgo resorting to such extremes.

Benefiting from the efforts of the Salisbury Center for Career Services, the generosity of a wide network of alumni, alumnae, parents and friends, and the strength of a Hobart and William Smith education, these students landed internships and jobs in record numbers across the U.S. and around the world, at hedge funds, museums, NGOs and everywhere in between.

"Our students earn their internships, but our alums, friends and parents get them in the door," says Joe Ambrosetti, associate director of employer relations at the Colleges' Salisbury Center for Career Services.

For information on how you can volunteer with the HWS Career Center Network, contact Joe Ambrosetti at (315) 781-3829.

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