emma bilton '22

Current Position: 
J.D. Candidate, Suffolk University Law School
Current Location:
Boston, MA  
Sociology, Psychology

Where did you find community at HWS?
While I was a student-athlete, had multiple jobs on campus, and was a member of numerous clubs and organizations, I truly felt that I had a community at HWS through the Public Leadership Education Network. I looked forward to each breakfast, event, movie night, senior spotlight, and speaker! PLEN gave me a group of women on campus who were leaders, like minded, resilient, welcoming, smart, and genuine. Every person wanted to help everyone else succeed. I found role models and amazing friends through PLEN that helped me through my best and my most difficult times at college. 
Was there a particular professor or other HWS mentor who was essential to your path?
The professors at HWS are special because they care so much for their students and truly want their students to succeed in everything they do. Associate Professor of Sociology Kendralin Freeman, Professor of Psychological Science Julie Kingery, and William Smith Dean Lisa Kaenzig are mentors and role models who I continue to look up to and am so grateful to have had. They guided me through my path at HWS and helped me in any challenge I faced with kindness and ferocity. They each believed so much in me and helped me to believe in myself and accomplish every goal I set. Each one of them is a woman I want to be like as I enter my next chapter as a lawyer.