Morgan Hamre '20

Current Position:
Software Engineer for Nordstrom
Current Location:
Seattle, Wash.
Computer Science

When I first came to HWS, I knew I wanted to major in computer science and ultimately work in tech. I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like or what my path would be, but I was able to use opportunities both on and off campus to explore my interests. I eventually figured out that I wanted to pursue software engineering.

Throughout my time at HWS, I took a wide variety of classes including environmental studies, women’s studies, meteorology and religious studies. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I took classes in video game development, waste management in Denmark and Europe, and Danish language and culture. I loved taking a mixture of computer sciences classes and other disciplines because it expanded my worldview while challenging me to think in new ways. The environmental studies classes I took were among some of my favorites because my professors were so engaging and passionate about the material they taught. Computer science as a major was rigorous and challenging but it gave me an incredible foundation in programming and sharpened my problem-solving skills as well as taught me to persevere through tough challenges.

In the fall of my senior year, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Grace Hopper, the largest conference for women in technology. Prior to the conference, I did countless interviews with companies that were going to be at the conference. Though many of the interviews ended with a “Thanks, but no thanks” email, several resulted in final round interviews at the conference, and a few turned into job offers. I was able to attend the conference thanks to the support of my adviser, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Stina Bridgeman, and the Computer Science Department.

Currently, I am a software engineer for Nordstrom working on the purchase history team. Day to day, I write code and implement technical solutions to improve the post-purchase customer experience. My team works closely with product owners and business stakeholders to uncover customer needs and work towards delivering the best experience possible. Being able to effectively communicate with people across teams and roles is essential and the communication skills I developed while at HWS have been invaluable.

In the future, I’d love to be able to use my technical skillset to create solutions to societal problems. The interdisciplinary approach I took at HWS is something I want to carry forward throughout my career.