Study Abroad

Spanish and Hispanic Studies majors and minors benefit linguistically, academically and personally from studying abroad in one of the two department-sponsored immersion programs: Seville, Spain, and Valparaíso, Chile. Students can count up to 4 courses from Spain and Chile toward their major and 3 courses toward their minor. Moreover, many students pursuing majors and minors in other departments who wish to improve their Spanish and have a meaningful cultural experience study abroad in Spain and Chile, often counting courses taken in these countries toward their degrees.

HWS offers two other programs in Latin America: the first in Mendoza, Argentina and the second in Quito, Ecuador/Cuzco, Perú. With the Spanish and Hispanic Department’s prior approval, students can count up to 3 courses taken in Argentina and Ecuador/Perú toward their Spanish major and 2 toward their Spanish minor.

Short-term programs in Spanish-speaking countries with coursework often applicable to degrees in Spanish and Hispanic Studies are also offered regularly.

Department-Sponsored Language-Immersion Programs

Seville, Spain

Valparaíso, Chile

Other HWS Programs

Mendoza, Argentina

Quito, Ecuador/Cuzco, Peru