• The Media and Society Teaching Assistants Program enables outstanding Media and Society majors to work collaboratively with the faculty teaching MDSC courses. Each Teaching Assistant works closely with a single faculty member to support one MDSC course section. Teaching Assistants attend the class meetings for their assigned course; meet with students enrolled in their course to discuss the course material and assignments; meet with their faculty colleagues to discuss strategies for supporting student learning; and meet with all MDSC faculty and Teaching Assistants each month in the Media and Society Teaching Colloquium – a forum for exchanging ideas about media studies pedagogy and supporting teaching and learning across the MDSC curriculum. Teaching Assistants also have some opportunities to lead or moderate class discussions; design and facilitate class activities; provide feedback about student learning and course design to the professor; and produce a reflective essay (in written, video, or other formats) about their teaching and learning experiences.


    Olivia Broomes

    Media and Society major; Entrepreneurial Studies minor Olivia Broomes '23

    MDSC 200, Cultures of Advertising

    What element or elements of this course were the most interesting for you when you took the course?
    Throughout the course, I thought the question sets were interesting and useful for me because it helped me summarize big themes that Professor Burditt went over in class. I enjoyed creating the Industry Portfolio in which I had the chance to read trade journals and write about trends in the media industry.

    What are you most excited to learn or share as a Teaching Assistant for this course?
    I’m most excited to offer my own experience in Cultures of Advertising for students and provide them a pathway for success through my advice.

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