Humanities, Health, and Disability Studies Working Group

(Co-)Sponsored by

Central New York Humanities Corridor, from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium

We are an interprofessional working group of scholars, educators, and clinicians working broadly within the vibrant fields of Health Humanities and Disability Studies. Our aim is to establish an active group across the Upstate New York area to collaborate in interdisciplinary research and teaching.

The Health Humanities and Disability Studies use the methods and materials of the humanities to examine how culture interacts with the individual experience of embodiment, illness, wellness, and healthcare practices. These areas of research and teaching innovate medical education and practice to reflect a new emphasis on humanism, ethics, and empathy. Participants represent academic disciplines such as religious studies, English, disability studies, women's studies, medicine, education, medical humanities, clinical ethics, philosophy, film and media studies, law, STS (Science, Technology, and Society), history, psychology, and public health. We look forward to welcoming our group to Hobart and Smith Colleges this fall to begin our collaboration.


PI: Sarah Berry, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
English Department


Co-PI Lester Friedman, PhD
Professor and Chair
Media and Society


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.