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Entrepreneurship at HWS combines a well-established Entrepreneurial Studies academic minor with a rich series of co-curricular hands-on programs, and a collaborative student workspace, for the development of new ventures. The goal is to enable students with tools needed to positively impact startups, for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions, communities and our overall culture.

Whether a student considers themselves an entrepreneur, idea person, startup leader, linchpin, intrapreneur, or team contributor, the fundamental skills learned and foundational elements of Entrepreneurship at HWS are designed to be accessible to all students in all majors.

The three main elements of Entrepreneurship at HWS are as follows:

Entrepreneurial Studies Minor
The HWS Entrepreneurial Studies Minor challenges students to become well-rounded leaders and resourceful innovators who are globally aware and community-centric. With an emphasis on the conceptual understanding, practical skills and ethical structure necessary for business or civic leadership, the Entrepreneurial Studies Minor allows students to choose from a variety of introductory and advanced courses, each designed to provide students with strong grounding entrepreneurship in its various forms.

The Centennial Center Interactive Co-Curricular Student Programs
Critical to a successful Entrepreneurship at HWS is the ability for students to gain practical experience in various aspects of the venture creation process. The Centennial Center designs workshops and programs that lead students ventures from idea development through customer validation and on to investment and growth. Delivered in the form of workshops, accelerators, and mentorship, all programming is designed to lead students through an entrepreneurship “progression” that emulates the steps required in launching a successful for-profit or non-profit venture.

The Bozzuto Center for Entrepreneurship
Many of the entrepreneurship programs at HWS are conducted in our student incubator and collaborative workspace, The Bozzuto Center for Entrepreneurship. The Bozzuto Center provides a creative space for the development of ideas and the advancement of student ventures. In addition, the Bozzuto Center is home of numerous events, such as workshops, networking events, hackathons, innovation programs, community programs and more.

Immerse yourself in the process of launching a high-growth startup, establishing a non-profit, starting your own business, or preparing to be a significant contributor at a large corporation. And if you fail in your first attempt, or even your second, learn from your mistakes and try again ... Entrepreneurship at HWS is about learning from failure and using that to differentiate yourself and achieve success.

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Spring 2019 Programs

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