*** The Development Studies minor will no longer be offered for students matriculating in the fall of 2019 and later. ***

The minor in development studies explores different, and often conflicting, perspectives on what “development” might mean and how to achieve it, addressing global questions but focusing particularly on the “Third World” regions of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and East/South Asia. Drawing on the social sciences and the humanities, the minor addresses historical, political and sociological dimensions of development, macro-economic theories of development, cultural and political tensions regarding “western” (or First World) economic strategies, anthropological studies of local level change, and “alternative” and indigenous development strategies. Through this study, students become acquainted with both the theoretical controversies surrounding development and the real-world challenges that confront those engaged in development work.


Jason Rodriguez
Assistant Professor
Anthropology and Sociology
(315) 781-4622
Stern 209

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