Teaching Fellows

WHO WE ARE: Teaching Fellows (TFs) are peer-learning facilitators who are nominated by faculty within specific departments and trained by the CTL Assistant Director to provide ongoing learning support for all students. Currently, the TF Program supports 16 academic departments. Please see the side bar to find out more about the specific department’s Teaching Fellows.

WHAT WE DO: Teaching Fellows use a collaborative inquiry model to help students understand course content. They direct conversations, ask questions to challenge students and gauge students’ foundational knowledge, provide feedback, and suggest study strategies.

WHERE AND WHEN YOU CAN FIND US: Teaching Fellows hold regular, group-oriented evening hours in the departments they support Sunday through Thursday and are available to all students. To allow students and Teaching Fellows to engage with faculty and access necessary resources, Teaching Fellows are situated in each department’s academic building Most Teaching Fellow hours are held in the evenings on Sunday through Thursday. Please see the side bar to find out more about a specific department’s hours.


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Questions or Suggestions:
Contact Ruth Shields at shields@hws.edu or (315) 781-3959

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