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Art and Labor: Works from the Collection

At the Davis Gallery at Houghton House, students observe artwork on display from the collection "Art and Labor: Works from the Art Collection." The exhibit will be on display through March 1st.Organized by the Clarence A. Davis ’48 Visual Arts Curator Anna Wager, “Art and Labor: Works from the Collection” is an exhibit that depicts labor in various contexts by artists…
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Endowed Professor Spotlight: Lara Blanchard

BlanchardLara Blanchard, the Luce Professor of East Asian Art and the Lloyd Wright Professor in Conservative Studies, is an award-winning art historian whose scholarship explores the intersections of gender, culture…
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John Opera Exhibits at Davis Gallery

Opera John Closing-00012Since its development in the 19th century, photography has navigated the tensions between science and art, says Anna Wager, Clarence A. Davis ’48 Visual Arts Curator. Photographic works by artist…
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Inspiring Voters with Art and Dance

Davenport-00005In advance of Election Day 2018, the Rochester-based Artists Coalition for Change Together, co-founded by HWS Professor of Dance and Department Chair Donna Davenport, teamed up with the University of…
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Scudamore ’55 Donates Arthur Dove Painting

Dove Painting-00025Richard A. Scudamore ’55 has donated a watercolor painting, titled Switch Engine, by noted 20th century artist Arthur Dove to The Collections of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. A generous…
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