Student working at the Ag Station

Through innovative research, education and extension programs, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) seeks to advance a sustainable agriculture and food system that will improve human health, protect the environment and support the economic development that is needed to address state and global needs.

The Station, which celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2012, has four academic departments: Entomology (the study of insects), Food Science & Technology, Horticultural Sciences and Plant Pathology.

"Open-ended research is so different from classroom labs," said Thomas Glover, Professor Emeritus of Biology. "Students do very sophisticated work, much of which gets published in scientific journals. It's a really great experience." Glover served as the liaison between the Colleges and the NYSAES to facilitate the opportunities since he sent the first HWS students to the Ag station in 1980 until his retirement.

According to the MOU, the Colleges' goal is to place 10 to 20 students in research positions at the Station each year. Qualified and accepted HWS students can participate in summer or academic-year research such as an independent study, honors work or a research semester. Students who take part in a research semester are permitted to conduct research at the Station in lieu of two courses in one particular semester. Students may receive course credit or monetary compensation for their research work at the Station.

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