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GiordanoEsthefanie Giordano 10

Esthefanie Giordano 10 serves the campus community as the community service coordinator of the Latin American Organization and co-chair of the Women's Collective. She also serves on the William Smith Judicial Board. In her various roles on campus, Esthefanie works to be an active listener, and whether she's at a board meeting or in class, she tries her hardest to apply herself and give 100% of her effort and attention. She approaches all of her commitments with passion. Currently, she's majoring in Latin American Studies with a minor in Peer Education and Human Relations, but her academic interests are constantly evolving, so don't be surprised if she's majoring in chemistry next week!

Why William Smith? 

The minute I stepped onto campus I felt like I belonged to the college. The traditions, rituals and rich history of William Smith College really motivated me to be part of the sisterhood that many before rejoiced and rejuvenated for the future classes.

Has the coordinate system had an impact on your education?

The coordinate system has not had such an impact on my education, mostly because our classes are not single-sex-oriented. Due to the fact that I am interested in the sciences, I've had the privilege to be taught by both men and women professors in an environment of co-ed students.

Has William Smith College shaped your idea of leadership?

William Smith has truly become the backbone and motivation that I've always needed to invigorate the inner leader that I have kept silenced throughout my earlier life. Observing and working with campus leaders during my first year, I learned very valuable qualities, and my mentors passed on the torch (figuratively) when they graduated as seniors.

What are you currently reading?

Sad to admit, but my science textbooks which include chemistry and cell biology are at the top of my reading list. I'm also reading my required (but enjoyable) Making Connections books and as a leisure a book about Che Guevara, the most admirable revolutionary in history.

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