Salamanders in the Spotlight at HWS

The red-backed salamander, an amphibian native to eastern woodlands, possesses an interesting behavioral quirk: those in older forests move significantly more than those in young forests. That's one of the findings of a study completed this year by Assistant Professor of Biology Bradley Cosentino and Professor of Biology David Droney, summarized in an article in the November issue of the journal ...  More >>

Bird Obsessions, Community Bonds

"Birding is a community endeavor rather than a solitary act," says Jenna Downs '20. In Professor of Biology Mark Deutschlander's first-year seminar "Bird Obsessions: Beauty of Beast," Downs and her classmates are stepping into the shoes of bird-watchers, conservationists and cultural anthropologists, studying the lives of birds, the motivation behind the people who admire them and the symbolic ro...  More >>

Saravia '16 Earns Prestigious Sloan Scholarship

Upon her recent acceptance to the University of Iowa's Ph.D. program in microbiology, Fatima Saravia '16 was named a recipient of a competitive scholarship from the UI/ Sloan University Center of Exemplary Mentoring. A partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Sloan Center at Iowa is one of five such resources nationally and is dedicated to building a university-wide network of faculty...  More >>

Zhao '17 Fights Apple Blight

Amelia Zhao '17 is investigating the bacteria (Erwinia amylovora) that is responsible for the disease called fire blight, to develop effective treatments for the fruit trees it infects. Fire blight, which affects apples, pears and other members of the plant family Rosaceae, can decimate an entire crop in a single growing season, making it a serious problem in apple-producing regions like the Fing...  More >>

HWS Research Symposium

From invasive species to drone mapping, and the effect of stress on friendships to potential anti-cancer compounds, Hobart and William Smith students presented on a range of topics at this year's Student Research Symposium on Sept. 17 as one of Homecoming and Family Weekend's annual events. "The Research Symposium allows students to showcase their work from summer research projects and represents...  More >>

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