Feller '06 Publishes Trailblazing Study

New research on mantis shrimp larvae conducted by Kathryn Feller '06 has gained significant attention this fall with the publication of a trailblazing study in The Journal of Experimental Biology, as well as coverage by National Geographic and Discovery.com. Feller, whose doctoral work is on the subject, also has successfully defended her dissertation, "The Visual Ecology of Stomatopod Larvae,” a...  More >>

Brown, Students Find Bloody-red Shrimp

Associate Professor of Biology Meghan Brown was featured in an article in the Auburn Citizen for having, with her students, recently confirmed the presence of bloody-red shrimp in Cayuga Lake. The students designed a survey to test for the presence of the bloody-red shrimp at 11 sites in Cayuga Lake this fall. Brown and students collected shrimp samples from 7 to 11 p.m. Brown says the inedible...  More >>

Mugel ’13, Cosentino Publish on Amphibians

An article co-authored by Stephen Mugel '13 and Assistant Professor of Biology Bradley Cosentino was published in a recent issue of Biological Conservation. Titled "Citizen science reveals widespread negative effects of roads on amphibian distributions," the study used data collected by volunteer citizens over the past two decades that was analyzed by students from HWS and eight other colleges a...  More >>

Pichardo ’15, Helfrich Design a School

Since the spring, Jericsson Pichardo '15 and Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Joel Helfrich have worked on a project to help the nearby Rochester City School District (RCSD) open a new public school, the Rochester River School. Its curriculum will draw from that being developed by the Institute for Humane Education for schools it plans to open in New York City in two years, as well as...  More >>

Burgess '15 Interns with NYC DEP

Biology major Morgan Burgess '15 recently completed a 10-week internship with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, working in the Microbiology Department. After demonstrating the skills and knowledge that she has gained as an HWS student, Burgess was given the opportunity to receive training in laboratory techniques for the City of New York - a privilege normally reserved f...  More >>

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