HWS Fencing Club

HWS Fencing is a sport club that focuses on the Olympic sport of fencing. Anyone is encouraged to join those with experience will help teach those that are new. Experienced fencers will also be able to fence against each other using our electric equipment. All three major swords, foil, epee, and saber, can be used, although new individuals will be restricted to the foil, and may then progress to epee or saber once basic swordplay is learned. HWS Fencing will generally meet two or three times a week at the barn. Exact days and times will be determined based on everyone&aposs schedule. Basic fencing equipment (helm, gloves, padding, etc) will be provided, although anyone who already has their own gear is encouraged to bring it. No experience necessary.

Mission Statement: To teach basic to moderate fencing technique to new individuals, while also providing an efficient and safe environment for experienced individuals to play against each other.

Contact Ethan Moniz, if you would like to receive further information about meeting times and upcoming events.