William Smith Congress

The mission of William Smith Congress is to first and foremost support all student-led initiatives that promote the values of leadership, collaboration, respect, creativity, health, and education. Secondly, to be an active voice supporting the initiatives of all William Smith students and to be a valued resource for those looking to benefit the HWS community and/or other communities around the world. Thirdly, to promote respect between William Smith College and Hobart College, as well as between HWS and the Geneva Community. We, the women of William Smith Congress believe that it is our mission to be strong role models for the William Smith Community and encourage others to be active participants in all-aspects of campus life. We promise to work against passive living and to commit to the promotion of women in every aspect of life.

Find the William Smith Congress constitution here.

William Smith Congress 2014 Executive Board:

Aly McKnight

Aly McKnight ’15 has been involved with William Smith Congress since her first year here at HWS. Aly is a double major in sociology and public policy studies, with a minor in social justice studies. In addition to WSC, she is involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Geneva, the Centennial Center for Leadership programs, and has been involved in Orientation for the past two years. She studied abroad in South Africa in the spring of 2013. Aly is a very proud citizen of the great state of New Hampshire.

Emily Janik
Vice President

Emily Janik ’16 is William Smith Congress Vice President for the 2014 term. She is a William Smith sophomore, majoring in psychology and minoring in child advocacy. Emily is also in the Teacher Education Program at the Colleges to receive a Dual Certification in Students with Disabilities and Elementary Education. Along with being involved in William Smith Congress Emily has been involved in Peer Mentoring, College Democrats and Intramural Volleyball. She spends her summers working at an overnight camp in New Hampshire.

Bridget Logan

Bridget ’15 is a junior biochemistry major at William Smith College. She is pre-med and hopes to work with children in a pediatric trauma center one day. Bridget is involved in a variety of different activities on campus from the Budget Allocation Committee, to being the RA on Caird 4. Bridget loves spending time with family and friends while being outdoors, hiking, camping or skiing. She is excited for her time in office as the WSC treasurer.

Lucia Cardone

William Smith Congress Committee Membership:

Committee on Academic Affairs
Representative: Ali Ware | Alternate: Hannah Sorgi The Committee on Academic Affairs considers such matters as new courses (including first year courses), department curricula and terms abroad. COAA oversees a host of subcommittees including Honors, Individual Majors, Athletics, Global Education and Admissions and Retention. The student representative participates fully in the discussions and is expected to bring a student perspective to the proceedings. Requires substantial amount of work, as there is often much to be read before the meetings.

Committee on Standards
Representative: Anna Philibert | Alternate: Tamilore Areola The Committee on Standards is responsible for hearing all cases involving academic standards and issues of academic integrity including plagiarism. The Committee on Standards (COS) consists of three faculty members, two students, one from each college, the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, and two dean’s staff members, one from each college, ex officio. As well, the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will typically refer all cases to the Committee that involve violations of policy in which: (1) a person was or could have been seriously physically harmed (2) a person’s safety was threatened (3) extensive damage to Colleges’ property occurred or could have occurred (4) the student charged with the violation is a repeat offender of Colleges’ policies or (5) staff and/or faculty members are involved in the incident. (Community on Standards Handbook).

Campus Services
Representative: Danielle Shaw The Campus Services Committee serves as an advisory committee on needs/issues pertaining to campus service areas (B&G, College Store, Dining Services, Safety and Security, etc.). The committee meets weekly during each academic term and reviews policies, procedures, and any pertinent campus-wide operational issues. Student government representatives from both Hobart College and William Smith College are regular members of the committee, as are administrative and instructional representatives of the Colleges (athletics, Res. Ed., Student Activities, etc.). Any member of the campus community can arrange to address this group. Each term, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees meeting, an open forum is held addressing all campus and student services issues as well.

Food Services
First Year Rep: Erin Maloney |Alternate: Maddie Amsterdam Sophomore Rep: Nicole O’Connell | Alternate: Justine Shank Junior Rep: Not filled. Senior Rep: Not filled. The Campus Services Committee serves as an advisory committee on needs/issues pertaining to campus dining services.

Honors Committee
Representative: Justine Shank | Alternate: Paige Pierce The Honors Committee oversees the Honors Program, which allows students who are in their senior year to work with a faculty advisor towards a cumulative research project. The Honors Committee approves students to participate in doing Honors research and ensures that the project is completed in accordance with guidelines.

Sexual Harassment and Grievance Board
Representative: Morgan Drake | Alternate: Nicole O’Connell The Sexual Harassment and Grievance Board will meet on an as needed basis to resolve matters of sexual harassment issues on campus among students. Representative must understand the importance of confidentiality.

Residential Education Liaison Committee
Representative: Nicole O’Connell | Alternate: Jamison Vernallis The Residential Education Liaison Committee is set up to create a line of communication between the leaders of the student body and the Office of Residential Education on matters of on and off-campus housing.

IT Committee
Representative: Molly Naef | Alternate: Clara Lowenberg The IT Committee is set up to create a line of communication between the leaders of the student body and the Office of Information Technology on matters of IT services available to students on campus.

Student Trustees
Contact your Student Trustees here: StudentTrustee@hws.edu

William Smith Student Trustee: Abigail Evans

William Smith Student Trustee-Elect: Caroline Demeter

View all class presidents here.

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