Hobart Rugby Football Club

Rugby is the fastest growing team sport in the world. It is a sport famous for its lack of padding and its intensity of hitting. Rugby players, or Ruggers as we like to be called, take great pride in this fact. However, Rugby is not just a game played with great physicality but with great respect both for the people playing and the sportís long history. A Rugger can always walk with confidence, knowing that he or she plays a sport most are not tough enough to play. This sets us apart and above others, and because of this rugby players share a uniquely strong bond. It is a bond that follows you for your entire life and is without a doubt the most rewarding aspect of the sport. Rugby is not a fraternity, but it comes pretty close.

Rugby is simple. Do not hesitate to come to a practice. We will never say no to a new player. Regardless of your size, speed, or ability the only thing that you need to be a great rugby player is mental toughness. The game is easy to learn, fast and liberating to play, and as many fond memories are to be had off the pitch as on it. The Hobart RFC is one of the oldest club sports on campus. It is a game played by a diverse and close knit section of the student body, and it is a game that we play well.

Mission Statement: To Win

Contact Evan Butcher, if you would like to receive further information about meeting times and upcoming events.