Hobart Student Government

Preamble to Our Constitution:

We, the students of Hobart College, believe that the College Community exists to further the pursuit of knowledge and the development of the individual. In order that the students may participate more effectively in the life of the Community, we recognize the need for a government to protect student interests. Therefore, we, the students of Hobart College, in order to create a representative form of government, to provide the means for responsible and effective student participation in the governing of our own affairs, to provide for mutual and beneficial understanding with the faculty and administration to maintain academic freedom and responsibility and to derive the benefits of a united student body do hereby establish the Hobart Student Government, its ideals, and its Constitution.

Executive Board and position descriptions:

President. The President shall be the chairman of the Executive Board and an ex-officio member of all other committees. He shall preside at all meetings of Hobart Student Government.
Current President: Henry Smith í15

Henry Smith is from Madison, N.J., where he attended Madison High School. He is a Kappa Sigma Brother, as well as a member of the cross country and tennis teams. Along with being the Hobart Student Government President, he is a Co-Chair for the Colleges Relay for Life, a Cellist for the String Ensemble, the President of Inter Fraternity Council, and is involved in a variety of other clubs and organizations on campus.

Vice President. The Vice President shall oversee all elections run by Hobart Student Government as laid out in Article XI. The Vice President is also responsible for overseeing all votes and motions during meetings of the quorum. Additional tasks may be assigned at the Presidentís discretion.
Current Vice President: Michael Ortiz

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve as record keeper of all financial documents of Hobart Student Government and shall oversee all expenses by club organizations officially recognized by HSG, William Smith Congress, and the Office of Student Activities. He shall preside jointly, along with the Treasurer of the William Smith Congress, over the Budget Allocations Committee (BAC) and over any other matters pertaining to student finances. All monetary decisions must be made with confirmation from the Treasurer that the budget is in good order. He must confirm this in person or via written statement before the quorum may allocate funds. Additional financial tasks may be assigned at the Presidentís discretion.
Current Treasurer: Josh Kreeger í16

Joshua Kreeger is a sophomore here at Hobart College and acting Treasurer of Hobart Student Government. He is currently studying Chemistry and Economics at the Colleges in the hopes of earning a MD/MBA degree when he graduates from Hobart. He is interested in pursuing a career in cardiothoracic surgery and also developing more on the business side pertaining to the economics of healthcare. At Hobart, Joshua has become involved in many areas of campus. He has been inducted into the Chimera Honor Society, currently sits on the Board of Directors of Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes, is Director of Staff Relations for the Concert Advisory Committee, is a proud member of the Bookstore Committee, and is a leader in the classroom.

Secretary. The Secretary shall serve as the record keeper and scribe at all Hobart Student Government meetings, including but not limited to: joint meetings with William Smith Congress, HSG Executive Board meetings, and legislative sessions. He shall take attendance at each meeting to verify that voting members and committee representatives are present. Any written or electronic records must be surrendered at the discretion of any member of the Executive Board. These records must be catalogued electronically on HSG network drive. The Secretary will also serve as the chief contact of Hobart Student Government. Additional tasks may be assigned at the Presidentís discretion.
Current Secretary: Vincent Creer


As tradition mandates, all HSG meetings are held on Tuesdays in Coxe 8 at 8 pm. Quorum with William Smith Congress will be held on the second Tuesday of every month in Coxe 8 at 8 pm.

HSG Committees:

Constitution Committee (8 Members, 2 from each class)
This committee oversees the Constitution. They are the only people who can authorize an amendment going to a vote of the general quorum and they must review any amendments brought to them by members of the quorum. They are also responsible for keeping the Constitution and Bylaws up to date by outlining proposed changes/antiquities and motion a new version to be amended.
Now Defunct.

Student Court (7 Justices)
Student Court is formed and run in accordance to the guidelines laid out in the Judicial Branch of the HSG Constitution.
Current Justices: Denzel Singletary (Chief Justice), Gregory Mathieu, Nathaniel Burgess, Subin Nepal, Justin White, Brain Augustus, Sharaf Mirzayee

Budget Allocations Committee* (4 Members with 1 Alternate and 1 Secretary)
The Budget Allocations Committee shall be run in accordance to the Budget Allocations Committee Bylaws.
Current Members: Steve Barnard-Webster, Nathaniel Burgess, Sharaf Mirzayee, Justin White, (Alternate to be Appointed), Secretary: Patrick Ware

Sexual Harassment and Grievance Board (2 Members)
Utmost confidentiality and sensitivity is required of anyone serving on this committee. This member will have a say in punishments doled out to alleged Sexual Offenders on the HWS campus and will watch the trials between the accused and the accuser of such crimes.
Current Members: Andrew Creary, Ryan Morris

Food Services Committee (4 Members, 1 from each class)
This committee meets periodically with Sodexo and other representatives of the Campus Food Services. The Committee will also report back to the quorum on what was discussed at these meetings and what, if any, changes are coming to our meal plans. This committee also relays concerns from the Quorum to the representatives about issues concerning food, meal plans, prices, or other concerns with Saga, the Cafť, the Pub, Catered Events, and Vandervort Room events.
Current Members: Alex Pagliano, Justin White, Tyler Nichols and Blake Basye

Committee on Standards (1 Member, 1 Alternate)
The Committee on Standards is responsible for hearing all cases involving academic standards and issues of academic integrity including plagiarism. The Committee on Standards (COS) consists of three faculty members, two students, one from each college, the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, and two deanís staff members, one from each college, ex officio. As well, the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will typically refer all cases to the Committee that involve violations of policy in which: (1) a person was or could have been seriously physically harmed (2) a personís safety was threatened (3) extensive damage to Collegesí property occurred or could have occurred (4) the student charged with the violation is a repeat offender of Collegesí policies or (5) staff and/or faculty members are involved in the incident. (Community on Standards Handbook).
Current Member: Nathaniel Burgess, Alternate: Drew Olivera

Committee on Academic Affairs (1 Member, 1 Alternate)
The Committee on Academic Affairs considers such matters as new courses (including first year courses), department curricula and terms abroad. COAA oversees a host of subcommittees including Honors, Individual Majors, Athletics, Global Education and Admissions and Retention. The student representative participates fully in the discussions and is expected to bring a student perspective to the proceedings. Requires substantial amount of work, as there is often much to be read before the meetings.
Current Member: James Deitrich, Alternate: Dan Mahoney

Campus Services Committee (1 Member, 1 Alternate)
The Campus Services Committee serves as an advisory committee on needs/issues pertaining to campus service areas (B&G, College Store, Dining Services, Safety and Security, etc.). The committee meets weekly during each academic term and reviews policies, procedures, and any pertinent campus-wide operational issues. Student government representatives from both Hobart College and William Smith College are regular members of the committee, as are administrative and instructional representatives of the Colleges (athletics, Res. Ed., Student Life and Leadership, etc.). Any member of the campus community can arrange to address this group. Each term, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees meeting, an open forum is held addressing all campus and student services issues as well.
Current Member: Tyler Nichols

Honors Committee (1 Member)
The Honors Committee oversees the Honors Program, which allows students who are in their senior year to work with a faculty adviser towards a cumulative research project. The Honors Committee approves students to participate in doing Honors research and ensures that the project is completed in accordance with guidelines.
Current Member: Dan Mahoney

IT Committee (1 Member)
Now Defunct

Res-Ed Committee (4 Members)
Now Defunct

Class Presidents:

The Class Presidents of Hobart College shall be responsible for increasing and maintaining the spirit and unity of their designated class and contributing to the student life environment. The Class Presidents shall formulate and execute such events and activities that shall be deemed necessary and desirable to further student life, foster a spirit of giving back to the colleges, and increase student engagement.

Current Class Presidents:
Senior- Stevenson Barnard-Webster
Junior- Paul McInnis
Sophomore- Ryan Tinklepaugh
Freshman- Christopher Doyle

View all class presidents here.

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Please contact Hobart Student Government (HSG) directly at hsg@hws.edu to answer any questions or provide feedback!