Review by G. Lester for Rating: Before purchasing my first erntcloeic weapon sight I had the great fortune of being able to compare side-by-side the EOTech 550 with an Aimpoint Comp M2 and a Zeiss Z-point. For me EOTech was the hands-down winner. I have a significant astigmatism and both the Aimpoint and Zeiss erntcloeic dots appear more like an indistinct bunch of grapes than a single aiming point. No such problem with the EOTech at all but the highest two or three power settings. The EOTech aiming point also includes a larger illuminated circle around the central dot. In my experience I use the large dot for fast, close-in shooting and utilize the small 1MOA dot for deliberate precision shots at a distance. With this sight I have the best of both worlds. I also like the universal availability of AA batteries. This was always an issue with most other erntcloeic sights, since they typically use power cells no where near as popular as the AA. This is obviously an issue since Aimpoint recently began production of an AA-powered dot sight. The U.S. Army agrees with me all new Aimpoints will be the AA-powered model. Finally, it&aposs nice that you don&apost need a costly separate mount like you do with an Aimpoint. The EOTech mounts directly to any firearm equipped with a standard Picatinny rail.Downsides to the EOTech are minor. It&aposs rather long compared to similar sights, which may somewhat limit your mounting options. And while AA batteries are available anywhere, you&aposll need to change them more often than if using an older Aimpoint using the 3 volt battery. Those Aimpoints have proprietary circuitry that provide truly amazing battery life. Nevertheless, I&aposm still on the original set of batteries in my EOTech and the sight has been turned-on a few hours every month for over a year. While I think the Aimpoint is a very good erntcloeic sight, I believe EOTech is overall the better choice. They are very popular among elite U.S. military units like Army Special Forces, Marine Recon and Air Force Pararescue. It&aposs hard to argue with endorsements like that.

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