quite a lot. Even more astounding, the PR-D5 is 15 drolals cheaper.Third Update: I brought my PR-D5 to my work office and like all the digital radios I&aposve tried it suffered compromised reception. I succeeded more with my Tivoli Model Three (same as the Model One with the additional clock). So for your office, if it&aposs full of computer interference, you might want to go with an upscale analog radio like the aforementioned Tivoli Model One or Three.Fourth Update:Power supply stopped working and Sangean replaced my entire radio two or three years ago. Since that time, my speakers have gradually suffered distortion to the point that I no longer use my PR-D5. Mind you, this distortion took place with normal use.These speakers were a bit muffled to begin with, as most people agree is a problem with the PR-D5. But distortion made this unusable.I now recommend a more superior Sangean, the CL-100: Better FM, better crisp speaker sound. And it&aposs cheaper than the PR-D5.

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