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Joanne Mooney Schuetz ’63
Self-Described Professional Volunteer; Retired (publicity and public relations);

Major: Mathematics and Psychology

Leadership roles: Served as class president first and senior years, elected to Hai Timiai and served as president for second half of senior year. 

Extracurricular activities: I especially enjoyed playing on the field hockey team on a field out by the lake behind the gym. Fond memories.

Favorite professor: Abigail Mosey

First job after College: First job was in actuarial sciences and computers at an insurance company. Left after 1 1/2 years because I missed being around people. Went into publicity and public relations.

On leadership
Leadership positions sometimes are lonely, when you must make decisions that may not make friends (or that may hurt friends) for example through the Judicial Board.  It is also a big responsibility that must be taken seriously.  I appreciate WSC participating in a coordinate school system that taught me that women have a voice and vote. Women CAN hold leadership spots and are respected for that. We were lucky to be at a college that offered positions to women, even before it was considered ‘the thing to do.’

Current events
Now, I am a professional volunteer. Love working with people - and I do have leadership positions. Am Moderator for Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of East Tennessee. Am president of the Friendship Force club of Knoxville and serve as Regional Representative for the Southeast Region of Friendship Force International.  These are volunteer, but they keep me busy full time.  I have opportunities, from time to time, to travel with both organizations and have made friends around the world.  I also see, in some countries, the need for those of us who have been "privileged" to grow up in the U.S. and to have had a good education, to stand up for those who are oppressed, compromised, or are victims in their own societies.

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