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Susan Hershiser Hoyt ’66
Senior Engineer in Computer Performance Engineering, AST Engineering Services Inc.

Major: Biology

Extracurricular Activities: Swim Team, Athletic Association, Cheerleading

Leadership Roles: Senior Class President, Student Government, Judicial Board, Hai Timiai

Favorite Professors: Abigail Mosey, Robert Huff, Dick Ryan, Ken Carle and Frank O'Laughlin

First job after college: Medical Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School

Further education
Studied chemistry at Brooklyn College, accounting at World University in San Juan and Spanish at American University in San Juan
Master of Liberal Studies, SUNY Stony Brook
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, George Mason University

On duties and accomplishments
If accomplishment is achieving a successful result after considerable effort, I would put earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering and mothering four successful and happy children in that category. Duty doesn't drive me either. I aspire to goodness and being productive because I want to, not because I have to.

On leadership
Leadership is the byproduct of enthusiastic pursuit of life, inspiring others to join in the fun. Maturity has taught me the difference between management and leadership.  Hobart and William Smith Colleges offered a fertile environment for fostering leadership because of the nature of the student body. Most students were willing participants in a wide range of activities enabling leaders to emerge. There is no leadership without willing followers.

On the coordinate system
Since there is no rewind button in life, it would be difficult to assess the impact of the coordinate system on my education - it was my education and I have no other basis for comparison.  I continue to value education for myself and for others but that may be because of, or in spite of, the early and firm foundations.

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