Daniel R. Glickman

Throughout a career marked by service and civic engagement and now as the President of Refugees International, Daniel R. Glickman has dedicated his life to fostering global responsibility and citizenship.

He served for 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Kansas' fourth congressional district. During his time in congress, he was a member of the House Agriculture Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. As chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, he held open hearings to bring the intelligence community's post–Cold War activities to light and began a committee investigation into the Aldrich Ames espionage case.

A champion in the fight against hunger in the United States and around the world, Daniel Glickman served as Secretary of Agriculture during the administration of President William J. Clinton. Under Daniel Glickman's leadership, the Department of Agriculture administered farm and conservation programs, forged international trade agreements to expand U.S. markets, took steps to improve Americans' diets and nutrition while fighting hunger, and advanced its commitment to fairness and equality in civil rights.

A public policy expert, Daniel Glickman has served as the Director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and the Chair and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America. He recently co-authored a bipartisan study for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on hunger, poverty and America's leadership role in combating them. Last year, he was honored for his steadfast effort to combat world hunger and malnutrition by the Global Child Nutrition Foundation, which awarded him the 2010 Gene White Lifetime Achievement Award for Child Nutrition.

As president of Refugees International, the leading advocacy organization on refugee crises worldwide, Daniel Glickman's strategic vision and leadership are ensuring the necessities of clean water, food, health care and other basic assistance for people uprooted by conflict.





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